04 January 2018

Port Kembla

Steel works

I did my degree in Chemical Engineering and one of the courses involved a visit to the steel production facility at Port Kembla. I decided to go and visit the site to see if there was anything that would grab my photographic interest. I knew that I would be limited to what I could see from the perimeter of the site, but it was worth checking out. I discovered that the coke production plant is readily viewed from the street and I was taken with the steam and lights and colours and shapes.

Steel works at night 2, Port Kembla

Steam plume 3, Port Kembla

Windows at dawn, Port Kembla

Hill 60

While I was in Port Kembla looking for steel works photos I took the opportunity to drive around the area looking for other interesting places. I came across Hill 60 which has a lookout that provides a view of the coastline north and south of Port Kembla. I like the misty views that nearly blur the line between sea and sky.

Misty coast, Port Kembla

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