13 October 2017

A year flies by

It's been more than a year since my last post. I've wondered if I was done with photography, but it seems I'm not. I'm just on a slower path. Here's what's caught my eye over the past year.


I like taking photos at beaches (see Coledale and Where is that? posts) and I especially like the beaches just north of Wollongong because they are nestled agains cliffs and they are an easy drive from where I live.
Visiting Austinmer just before dawn, I was attracted to a surf life saving hut on the empty beach. The lights from the car park lit up the sand making this an interesting colour contrast. I ended up visiting this scene three or four times before I was able to get the composition, lens selection, and sky all to my satisfaction.
Beach hut at dawn, Austinmer
On the northern end of Austinmer there's a cliff which provides an interesting silhouette against the early morning sky and sea.
Beach hut at dawn, Austinmer
You'll find these and other beach scenes in the Nature/Coastal gallery.


My wife and I occasionally go for drives around our area just to see what's changed (there's continual development going on as there's lots of empty spaces). On one of these drives I came across a new road that provided a clear view towards the Blue Mountains, so I visited at dusk to see how things looked photographically, but I couldn't get a photo that appealed to me.
However, I did notice the street lights which stood out clearly against the skyline. So I returned at dawn to get the lights against the dark yet lightening morning sky and, hopefully, with little traffic on the road.
Street lights at dawn, Schofields


In one of the new development areas there's a playground that had plenty of things that attracted me. I love the patterns, contrasts, and textures on some of the things I found there.

Yellow dots box, Arndell Park

Sandstone 1, Arndell Park

Coloured blocks, Arndell Park
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