23 October 2015

Sydney at night

It's been nearly 10 years since I last took photos of Sydney at night from across the Harbour bridge. Here's an earlier photo, taken when people were less concerned about saving electricity and left the lights on over night.
Opera House and night lights reflected, Sydney

And here's one taken this week. I'm not standing in the same place, which is why there's more of a gap between the Opera House and the rest of the city buildings. I also now take long exposures (this was 2 min 20 s), which makes for softer and brighter reflections.

Night skyline, Sydney
Here are two photos of a detail (Circular Quay) of the Sydney skyline taken 1.5 hours apart.
Circular Quay at night, SydneyCircular Quay at dawn, Sydney
I love the solitude and peacefulness of the city at this time of the day night (an hour or two before sunrise). And I get the pleasure of seeing a beautiful side of the city which you miss if you are only there during the day.
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15 October 2015

Overcast night

It's been overcast in Sydney for a few days. We normally get rain when this happens, but not this time. The clouds stayed low over the city leading to mild temperatures and fairly still, dry conditions.

City lights tend to reflect off clouds, so these conditions presented an opportunity to photograph Sydney with the buildings against a light background. I was delighted with the results.
Golden city, Sydney

Overcast night, Sydney

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