22 September 2015

Common and unusual


As you know, I love fog, so here's another image with fog. I love the way the sun shines through the fog to light up the side of the tree.
Tree and fog, Rooty Hill


The following images are not common, but unusual.

Firstly, here's a black and white (unusual for me) photo of an unusual event. I was in Mildura and decided to visit Lake Hawthorn (see also this post). But when I got there I couldn't even get out of the car due to the clouds and clouds of midges (small flies). The whole area was covered by them, looking more like smoke or fog than flies. So I sat in the car and shot this photo.
Midge madness, Mildura
Whilst visiting family in Victor Harbor, SA, I took the opportunity to go out before dawn to see if there was going to be an interesting sunrise, and there was. Here's an unusual treatment of one of the images where I've changed the white balance to make the blue-looking clouds grey. I love the colour contrast between the pink and grey.
You can see the the more common or natural looking photos in the Victor Harbor gallery.
Pink and grey, Victor Harbor
Finally, here's an unusual photo in that, at least to me, looks like the stars in the galaxy. In fact, it's the early morning sun shining through our bathroom window!
Galaxy, Blacktown

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  1. Love every single one. They are truly inspiring. The midgies look like steam rising off the landscape. Wow! I could sit and enjoy these for ages! Thanks