06 August 2015


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At the northern end of Coledale beach there's a tidal flat and across it are the remains of an old outflow pipe (sewage?). I first saw it driving back from taking photos at Wombarra (see previous post). What interested me was the morning light shining on the concrete pillars. It created an interesting colour contrast.
Outflow supports, Coledale
To get there you have to navigate a bit of an inlet. When I crossed it going to the tidal flat it was still dark. But on the way back, with the sun now well up in the sky, I noticed this beautiful green-clad rock amidst the surrounding grey ones. Not only that, but there was also a bright yellow reflection off the water and wet rocks - green and gold, a great combination.
Green rock, Coledale
Lastly, here's a very different take on sand lines compared to "Sand lines, Wombarra". A small creek flowing across the sand had carved out it's tracks and the morning sun caught the little ridges making them stand out clearly.
Sand lines, Coledale
Now, I've tweaked this one quite a bit to give it the feeling I like, which is why it's in the Art gallery. Just to give you some idea of what it actually looked like, here's the more "natural" image.

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