12 July 2015

Where is that?

I often return to the same locations from time to time, partly because conditions are constantly changing, and partly because my style of photographing changes over time. In the process of documenting where I took the photos, I've learnt the names of suburbs and towns that I didn't know existed.
Here are some photos taken recently from two such locations.


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Monterey is one of the Sydney suburbs beside Botany Bay. You get views of Sydney's skyline, planes landing at the airport, and the lights, cranes, and tanks at the Port Botany freight terminal. All of this from just one location - great value for money!
Sydney dawn skyline 2, Monterey

Port Botany tanks at dawn, Monterey
There are also other things that are interesting photographically, such as the groynes (those long fingers of rocks built out from the beach that you can see in the first photo above), and posts used to hold shark nets like the image below.
One post, Monterey


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There are a number of small coastal towns on the scenic road south from Sydney to Wollongong. I'm attracted to the beach pool at Wombarra as the still waters are great for reflecting the sky and the fence line adds an element of interest.
This photo was taken nearly an hour before sunrise. The colour of the sky isn't what you would have seen if you had been there, but the camera picked this white balance setting and I like the purple/yellow combination better than the blue/orange of the actual colours.
Pool at dawn 3, Wombarra
There's also a place where water flows across the sand into the sea and this leaves interesting patterns in the sand. The next image shows this, though I've changed the contrast and exposure quite a bit to give it the feeling I like.
Sand lines, Wombarra

You'll find these and other images in the Nature/Coastal, Others/City, and Others/Art galleries.

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  1. Love the Sydney dawn skyline 2, Monterey. Looks sort of sci-fi to me :)