17 June 2015


We've lived in Blacktown for more than 30 years. The area around us has changed quite a bit over the years. I recently discovered a number of parks close to us that included a large field with a single tree in the middle of it. I thought this might be a good place to photograph the tree against the sky. All I needed was a nice sunset.
The day I chose to take the photos had some soft, high level cloud which I hoped would catch the light from the setting sun. I had finished taking my photos (about 15 minutes after sunset) and packed my gear away. Then I noticed that the sky had changed yet again and looked really interesting (yellow horizon where the sun had set, dark sky as night started to fall, and pink in the clouds catching the last light from the sun). So I quickly unpacked my camera and took a few more shots of the tree. I'm glad I did as this was my favourite and I ended up not keeping any of the earlier photos.

Tree at dusk, Blacktown
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