26 May 2015

Mixed bag

The latest additions to the web site are of lots of different types of photos:
  • Abstract
  • Design
  • City - autumn
  • Impressions
  • Nature - autumn
  • Nature - water
You can find them all in the Recent gallery or by looking through the various different categories: Nature/Water's Edge, Others/Impressions, Others/Abstract and Design, Nature/South West Plains, Nature/Blue Mountains, and Others/City.

Let me share with you the autumn and abstract ones.


I've found that we've had a rather wet and warm autumn, so I didn't come across the usual brilliant colours that are triggered by cold snaps and frost. But that doesn't mean autumn is boring. Here are three very different images that say "autumn" to me.

This first one is about the fog that is part and parcel of this season. I love the muffled quietness, the way subjects are isolated from each other, and the way distracting details are hidden in fog. These are trees in the median strip of a main road near to where I live.

Tree trunks in fog, Blacktown

I love the colour contrast and shapes in this next one. These leaves covered a section of sandstone wall. The colours looked stunning, but it took me some time to find leaves that were both interesting and separate from those around them.

Autumn red on sandstone, Blaxland
Lastly, these are vines on a cloudy morning near Mildura. The yellow and green autumn colours of the leaves contrast nicely with the pink and dark grey of the sky. Because the leaves aren't bright red and orange, they don't grab the attention, which makes the picture as a whole more interesting.

Vineyard at dawn, Gol Gol


I was walking across the causeway to Granite Island in Victor Harbor, SA. It was quite blustery and the wind was creating ripples on the top of the water. Add to this the fact that shallow waves were travelling under the causeway from two different directions (one set from the north east and another set which seemed to have come around the island from the south west). All of this created some very interesting textures on the water under the causeway. I took about 200 photos (it's easy to just point the camera down over the side of the causeway and click away as the waves and wind did their thing) but kept only three.
What I love about these is the feeling you are looking at a landscape from way up in the sky. I imagine the three photos printed large and hanging side by side on a big wall.
You can see all three of the images in the Others/Abstract and Design gallery, This one is my favourite.
Topographic 3, Victor Harbor

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  1. LOVE the contrast of the leaves on sandstone. Also the vines Mildura. The path and the colours are very engaging, makes me want to walk there... Thanks for sharing!