22 September 2014

Morning shadows

We have lived in our current house for more than 30 years, yet I'm still caught by surprise and wonder at the beautiful images I discover.
I had opened the blinds in the kitchen so that the sunlight could come in. I had already had my breakfast and had gone out to get ready for the day. When I came back into the kitchen, I saw that the sun was up, shining through the blinds onto the wall next to the breakfast table. There was a slight breeze and the leaves on the palm tree next door were moving slightly. Because the early morning sun was shining through the leaves, this created a moving texture of light on the wall.
This, in and of itself, would have been interesting, though not worth photographing. However, there was also a flower in a vase on the breakfast table which created a wonderful shadow surrounded by the moving palm leaf shadows.
I took some photos, but ran out of time because the rising sun soon changed position and the textured look disappeared.
When I looked at the photos I realised that it need a bit more planning to get the balance right and that I needed a flower with a more definite shape.
So, for the next two weeks I bought a gerbera each week, telling the flower seller that I didn't care about the colour, only the shape, which surprised him a bit. During that time the weather made things difficult by being either overcast or having clouds where the sun would rise. I eventually managed to get a repeat of the conditions I was looking for and with a nicely shaped flower and was able to get this photo.
Shadow flower V, Blacktown
You can see this in the Others/Art gallery along with a landscape version of the image.

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  1. Very nice! Amazing what you see, and the trouble you go to to capture it!! Thanks for sharing your 'vision' :)