13 August 2014

Foggy morning

Another morning outing to see what the fog produces. I left early, while it was still dark. I'd been out for about 40 minutes when this caught my eye. I love light rays and this was perfect:
Light fog, Castlereagh
I also decided to visit the Nepean river crossing near Agnes Banks just in case something nice happened. As it turned out, the fog was too thick for the sun to shine through it (fog and sun - great combination). But I was captivated with the feeling of emptiness created by the fog. A featureless grey backdrop that turned the quiet water surface into a similarly grey nothingness. I tried a few different options to capture the feeling of emptiness, but nothing was really working for me.
I'd seen these branches out on the water and was about to finish up, when I saw a bird land on one of the branches. That turned an empty image into an interesting empty image:
Bird in fog, Yarramundi
Warning: photography content

In spite of my years taking photos and being clear about what I like and what works well, I made a mistake with this one. I positioned the branches on the left and lower quadrant of the image. It feels grounded, balanced (centre of attention versus emptiness), and comfortable in that position. But the bird was looking at the frame. So I simply had to move the branches and bird to the right hand side (RHS) so that the bird was looking into the empty space. I could have done this at the time I took the photo (if I had been thinking about this), instead of doing it in Lightroom.
I took about 40 photos of this, trying to capture the bird in different positions. Because the subject was on the left hand side (LHS) I was hoping for the bird to look to the right (into the space), but that never happened. This shows I was aware of the problem of having the bird looking at the frame, but it never occurred to me to put the subject on the RHS. Also, the bird kept looking looking straight ahead and then left and shifting its position slightly. I went with this photo because the bird is leaning slightly to the left and has a clear profile.
And I've ended up with a stunning photo that perfectly captures what I was looking for - soft foggy image, emptiness, simplicity, muted colours, and yet captivating.

You'll find these images (and a couple of others) in the Others/City and Nature/Water's Edge galleries.

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