08 June 2014

Night life

I visited friends on the Central Coast and we went for a walk after dinner. The sky was heavily overcast which generally doesn't interest me photographically - I like the contrast between light and dark, not uniform greyness. But I was surprised to find that the lights of the northern Sydney suburbs were reflected by the clouds creating an image that I just had to photograph - a wonderful contrast between light and dark.

Night lights, Ettalong
I realized that this could also work early in the morning, so I got up well before sunrise to take some more photos, but this time of the Gosford city lights. This is the last one I took before the sky became too light. I love the way the mooring posts stand out so clearly on the right hand side of the photo.

Night lights 2, Empire Bay
You can see these and other photos in the the following gallery: Nature/Coastal. Or, as always, in the Recent gallery (for a few months only).


  1. The Ettalong one reminds me of spooky tales...probably the colours! Nice, but sort of spooky looking, to me.
    Love your photos!

  2. Thanks. I agree it's a bit spooky, though I would probably say it's dramatic.

  3. Really like the Empire Bay one. More peaceful looking to me. Can just imagine it with a cup of great coffee in hand!! Watching the sun rise.