15 June 2014

Night life too

Ever since the night I took this photo, I've been looking for the conditions to be right for the second one. That happened yesterday. But more about that later.
Fog light, Blacktown
I love fog, as I've mentioned in Lithgow and other places. The weather forecast had said that there would be fog so I got up early to go to the mountains. Before I'd driven five minutes from home I came across this streetlight and just had to photograph it. I love the shape of the light streaming out - like a cone of light, the softness and isolation that the fog creates and the simplicity of the image, not to mention the leaning posts.
The rest of the morning was no good for photos as the fog had disappeared before I'd even got to the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

On the short drive from home to this streetlight I saw that in places the streetlights created puddles of light because the road was damp. Normally, when the roads are dry, you get a more diffuse light. But when they are wet, the light reflection stands out more clearly. The conditions would have to be right: wet roads but not raining (I don't like getting wet!), even spacing of the street lights, no traffic, and an appropriate length of road.
Yesterday morning (2:30 am!) the conditions looked promising. It had been raining recently, it wasn't actually raining, and there was no traffic. So I went off looking for streets that might have the right placement of lights and shape. It took me over an hour to find what I was looking for, but this was exactly right:
Light rain, Rooty Hill
You'll find these two images in the Others/City gallery.


  1. Wow, what are you DOING up at that hour of the day!!??
    Yes, ok, I see the results and they are your usual fantastic take on aspects of the world we live in. Well done, again!!

  2. I don't normally take photos in the middle of the night because a totally black sky is not a interesting.
    But these photos (and those in the previous post) only really work at night.
    Thanks for your comments.