04 May 2014

Mount Wilson

I have a reminder set in my calendar to visit Mount Wilson and other places during autumn (fall, for any Americans). I didn't expect very much this year as we've had fairly warm and rainy weather. You need cold snaps to create the wonderful colours typically associated with autumn.
But I was pleasantly surprised when I went up there. There wasn't the riot of colours I like, but there were some interesting images that grabbed my attention. Here are two of them; first the "normal" one:
Autumn tree trunk 2, Mt Wilson
Now the impressionistic one:

Autumn IM02, Mt Wilson
I also want to share this image with you. I love the soft colours, the way the light is graduated on the blinds, and the simplicity of the design. It was taken in our lounge room.
Light blinds, Blacktown
You can see all these photos in the the following galleries: Others/Abstract and Design, Nature/Blue Mountains, and Others/Impressions. Or, as always, in the Recent gallery (for a few months only).

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