09 February 2014

Socially minded

As you probably know, there's a Facebook page for Gracious-Light. I've recently added a Google+ page as well. Both of these are extensions of this blog as I'll post news and information here first, then share it on Facebook and Google+. Links to this blog, Facebook, and Google+ are on every page of the Gracious-Light web page.
I've also added Facebook "like" and Google+ "+1" buttons to Gracious-Light.
This should make it easier for all of you to share things on Gracious-Light.

While I'm writing this post, I'd also like to share a recent photo I added. It's a photo of the Iron Cove bridge taken early in the morning. I just love how the bars of the reflected lights fill the whole picture.
I went back a few times to take another photo (I wanted to make some changes to the camera settings I had used), only to discover that this is an unusual photo. It requires the tides and weather to cooperate otherwise the reflections are too short or the light morning wind disturbs the reflections. Needless to say, I didn't get to take another photo that looked as good as this one.

Iron Cove bridge, Haberfield

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