11 December 2013


I recently watched David duChemin's workshop The Created Image Video Series, Vol 1. which got me thinking again about my approach to photography. It's easy to settle into a rut, but this great video helped me get thinking again about what I'm doing when I take photographs. What I loved about the workshop was that it focused on the thinking, design, and intention of taking photographs, not the technical aspects. After all, the tools (camera, editing software, lenses, exposure settings) are only things I use to create an image that reflects my vision and feelings.
I love David's teaching style and his approach to photography. I strongly recommend his materials (books and videos).

As a result of this I visited Bronte Beach a number of times aiming to be more self-conscious of what "grabs" me when I'm taking photos. Here are my favourites:
Sunlight and clouds, Bronte
This next one is in black and white, which is unusual for me. David duChemin encourages people to always look at black and white versions of their photos and is a firm believer that shooting black and white improves your photographic skill. I'm not convinced because, for me, colour is such a big part of what I like in photographs.
However, I did see one of Ansel Adam's images at an exhibition of his work recently that was very similar to this. I loved Adam's image so I tried a black and white version and, to be honest, in this case it actually works better than colour.
Cut ripples - BnW, Bronte
Waves 2, Bronte

You can find them in the Nature/Coastal gallery, or, as always in the Recent gallery (for a few months only).

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  1. Wow! Yes!! I can see the difference! LOVE them !!