14 November 2013

Lake Hawthorn, Mildura

Mildura sits on the banks of the Murray River, but less well know is that there's also a lake there. I discovered Lake Hawthorn the previous time I was in Mildura. This time I spent an evening and a morning there hoping for some "interesting" weather.
The "interesting" weather never eventuated, but there were good photo opportunities. I worked out on paper (OK, I did it on my phone!) where I needed to be to make sure the sun was across the lake from me at sunset and sunrise. I had a bit of a walk for the evening shots since the road, despite what is shown on the map, wasn't accessible by car. I'm not good at navigating and I walked further than necessary because the lake I could see turned out to be Lake Ranfurly - not a lake at all, just a mudflat. I was a bit hot and bothered after trudging through the scrub with all my photography gear by the time I got where I wanted to be.
There were lots of dead tree trunks sitting in the mud which got me interested. The setting sun peeked under the remaining cloud cover and side-lighted the dead trees creating wonderful lighting and great colour contrast (yellow light, blue clouds).
Mudflat tree trunks, Mildura
By the time I got back to the car I was exhausted from all the walking and standing taking photos. I was a relief to crash into bed in preparation for an early rise to take more photos of the lake.

There were the remains of an old jetty at the location I'd chosen for the morning photos. The long exposures needed this early in the morning (about half an hour before sunrise) makes the water surface beautifully smooth.
Two posts at dawn, Mildura
A bit later on, the light is much brighter and there are some clouds in the sky. The clouds pick up a bright pink colour from the rising sun, which is still below the horizon.
Old jetty posts V, Mildura
From now on, Mildura will be associated for me with the beauty of Lake Hawthorn rather than the Murray River.
You can see a few more photos of the lake in the Water's Edge gallery.

I was in Mildura on a trip to visit family in South Australia. You can see the other images from the trip in the Recent gallery.

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