28 October 2013

What a fortnight!

The last two weeks have been a very creative time. I've taken 800 photos, which is quite a lot for me. I kept 26 of these, which is about my usual ratio of 1 in 30 - yes, I'm ruthless in deleting photos that don't make my final cut.

Darling Harbour revisited

With my new interest in spots and impressions, I decided to visit Darling Harbour in Sydney as this place has lots of colour and lights. I liked it so much, that I went there twice in one week. I love the night lights as they create such a wealth of spot image opportunities. This one is one of my favourites:
Darling Harbour SP07, Sydney
Just for comparison, here's what the in-focus version of the same shot looks like:
Darling Harbour SP07 as is, Sydney

Parramatta Park

Jacarandas are out in full bloom at the moment and there's quite a few of them in Parramatta Park. I find that these colourful trees normally need a contrasting colour (preferably red or yellow) to make the image interesting. But with an impressionistic approach, it's a lot easier to get the colour contrast because the details aren't significant. A photo of blossoms on the ground isn't particularly inspiring, but it does create this amazing soft blurred image:
Jacaranda IM 03, Parramatta

Illawarra region

The coastal region from Sydney south to Wollongong is very beautiful with some classic scenic views.
Illawarra view, Stanwell Tops
I also love the feel of summer in this impressionistic image:
Beach IM01, Wombarra


The last two weeks has also been a period of destructive bush fires in and around the greater Sydney region. The very smoky skies give sunset an eerie colour and make the sun an angry red ball.
Here are three very different images of the impact of bush fires.
Burnt V, Wilton
Burnt IM01, Wilton
Smoky sunset, Sydney

You can see all the photos in the Other/Spots, Other/Impressions, Other/City, and Nature/Coastal galleries or see them all in the Recent gallery.

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