03 October 2013

Lithgow and other places

In my previous post I mentioned that it had been a long time since I had written a post. Well, this time it's been even longer - 15 months! But it's nice to have taken some new photos and to share them with you.


I spent a week at Lithgow, which is only about one and a half hours from Sydney. That's far enough to just get over the Blue Mountains, yet far enough to feel that you are out in the country. Since this was towards the end of winter, there were a few foggy mornings. I love fog, especially if you can still get the sunlight shining through. You then get some warmth from the sunlight and the isolation of subjects from the fog.
This image was taken late in the morning out at Bathurst (another hour west from Lithgow). I liked the background colours and the softness created by the fog.
Morning fog, Bathurst
See the Nature/West (of Sydney gallery for the other pictures from this trip.


This is my overnight stop when I visit family in South Australia. I came across this small lake (Lake Hawthorn) on the outskirts of town with some interesting reeds on its shores. These are great for creating nice shapes silhouetted against the bright water. This next image reminds me of banners fluttering in the wind.
Reed flags, Mildura
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Dawn and dusk are my favourite times in Sydney. You get wonderful views of the city against the near-dark sky. But this time of day also creates some unusual pink sky conditions, which allowed me to take this fantastic view of the city. Don't you just love the contrasting lines (vertical buildings, horizontal ripples)?
Dawn-pink, Mosman
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