16 October 2013


I was watching the BBC's The Secret World of Pain (2011) [aside: worth watching - it's available on YouTube here http://youtu.be/utOuf3grM1s] and really liked some of the images used during voice-overs. Here are two examples:
© BBC 2011

© BBC 2011
I'm fascinated by these sort of abstract images and I started thinking about how to create some of my own. I know that out-of-focus lights create circles of light (also called "bokeh") and decided I'd try it out. I went into Sydney - Oxford Street, to be more precise - since I knew there would be lots of coloured lights there.
I took a whole lot of photos and didn't keep any of them because, as I discovered later, hand-holding the camera blurs the circles too much.

But now I knew what I was looking for and I took some more photos of cars at traffic lights in Blacktown, but this time I used the tripod. Here's an example of one of the images I ended up with.
Reservoir SP06, Blacktown
I plan to try this out in other places and see what other interesting things I can find. In the meantime, you can see more circle or spot images in Others/Spots.

But there's more!
I started taking photos during my visit to Oxford St before it was dark and took photos of other colourful things, just not lights. To my delight, these produced wonderfully soft, colourful, and above all, interesting images. They remind me of impressionistic paintings, except these images don't actually show you the actual objects. So these types of images is something else I want to play around with more in future (see Others/Impressions).
Oxford IM04, Syndey
I know that these images are not everybody's cup of tea, so I'll close with one of the Harbour Bridge at sunrise. I was hoping for a colourful dawn sky, but the clouds and sun didn't manage to get their act together.
Morning bright, Balmain

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