18 September 2011

Looking for Canola

I've just had a holiday and it was just what I needed. It gave me the time to go for long drives on my own (I love the solitude), provided an incentive to visit friends, and made me want to take photos. I clearly need the emotional space to be able to work on my photography.

It's also springtime which means apple and cherry blossoms are out in bloom creating a wonderful splash of colour - often in unusual places. It's also the start of the canola season and two of the places I visited - Parkes and Harden - are canola growing areas. In fact, my trip to Harden was a scouting trip for a later visit when the canola is fully out (sometime in early October).

But there were enough fields that had been sown early with canola to get me photographically exited. Here are a few of the canola images that grabbed my attention:
Tanks in canola, McMahons Reef
I just love the contrasts going on here:
  • Colour: yellow and blue; yellow and black
  • Worlds: natural and man-made
and I also really like the geometric nature of the image: lines, shapes, centred objects, half-frame.

Hard and soft, Galong
This photo is a "challenging" image. The bright yellow canola cries out for attention. Your eyes are naturally drawn to it - it's in the centre of the image and it's the brightest part of the image. But you then discover that it's blurred! So you go looking for something in focus - it isn't the tree line which stands out against the blue sky - and you finally arrive at the stones at the bottom of the image. But they aren't the brightest part of the image, so your eyes start wandering all over the image again. I love the effect and the concept of the image (soft/hard, grey/yellow/blue, lines, sharp/blurred), but there's no rest in this one.

Grey and yellow, Alectown
This one is so moody, not to mention the wonderful colour contrast (grey/yellow).

Talking about moody, here's a photo I took of the Wallerawang Power Station. I took it knowing that I was going to make it dark and then bring out the cooling tower and smoke stacks. So, yes, I've played around with this photo and this is not what it really looked like.
Dark power, Wallerawang
The final picture I want to share with you is a quintessential spring image - cherry blossoms. This was taken in the Wisteria Garden, in Parramatta Park.
Cherry blossom 2, Parramatta
You can see all the photos I took during my holidays (the 20 I kept out of about 700), in the Nature/Coastal, Nature/Souther Highlands, Nature/Various, and Nature/West galleries. Of course, you can also see them all in the Recent gallery.

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