06 February 2011

Terrigal changes

Sorry (not!) about the terrible pun in the title ("terrible changes").


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(See Coastal and Art galleries)
I visited Terrigal again, specifically to take more wave shots. This time I had my 2x teleconverter with me, so I could keep my distance from the rock ledge. Which was just as well as the tide was up and I ended up standing in water up to my ankles.

You may be asking "Is that what the waves actually looked like?" The answer is "No". I've increased the saturation on the photos to bring out the colours. Wave 6 is quite close to what I saw, but the others are a lot more colourful in my versions.
Wave 6, Terrigal
I also changed Under Water quite a bit to give it the feeling of being underwater, which is why it's also in the Art gallery.

I fell in love with the reflections (1-, 2-, 3-Cracked reflection) and decided they worked best as a set of three. Note, they are actually all the same photo, but with different white balance settings and rotated.

Train lines

I went to work earlier than usual one morning and was taken by the train lines and overhead wires reflecting the summer sun at sunrise. So I went back to the station the next clear morning and took this photo. I'm constantly surprised by the occasional beauty of things that at other times are simply plain and messy.

Dawn Tracks, Blacktown

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