27 January 2011

How are Gracious-Light the site, blog, and Facebook pages related?

I was asked how I saw my blog and Facebook sites working (thanks, Dave, great question!)

Here's what I had in mind:
1. Gracious-Light.com (http://www.gracious-light.com/ which is hosted by Smugmug) is the gallery and sales room for my photography. It's the place where you'll find all my photos that I think are good enough to be saleable.

2. The Gracious-Light.com blog (http://blog.gracious-light.com/ which is hosted by Blogger) is where I'll provide articles about photos I've added to G-L (that's Gracious-Light, in case you hadn't worked out). It's where I'll also share information about my photographic journey, information about things I've learned, details on how I process photos, my views on my photography and my art, and so on.
I think of this as the forum for more in-depth and formal discussion about the work I do in Gracious-Light.

3. The Gracious-Light Facebook page (
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gracious-Lightcom/136556413075627) is where I'd like to have informal conversations about my photos, where you can tell me what you think, where you can ask questions, and so on.
I think of this as the chat over coffee.
Note: This post is also available as a discussion topic in the Gracious-Light.com Facebook page.

4. Finally, my personal Facebook page is where I keep in touch with friends and family. All the wonderful, personal, and newsy stuff. This is "personal", whereas the Gracious-light sites (gallery, blog, and Facebook) are part of a world of photography with, hopefully, a business context.

Now, given that I'm new to Facebook and all of these means of keeping in touch, it may not all work out the way I had envisaged it.

So, if you have any ideas on how to make this work better, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. ... even better if all this could be in one MFIS...'multi-function internet spot'