05 January 2011


I've created a new gallery in Gracious-Light called Art. I've discovered that occasionally I like to push the limits in editing my photos to change the feel of the image. In the past, I've done things like using extreme white balance settings (see Golden Rock Pool, Terrigal in Nature/Coastal). But this time I've gone further. I especially like the softness produced by using a negative Clarity setting in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (and Adobe Camera Raw) combined with highly saturated colours.

What I like about the combination is the feel of the resulting image. It's all about colour and shape/form, and less about the object photographed. I realise that this isn't everybody's cup of tea, so I won't be at all offended if you don't like the result.

Here is an example of a before-and-after comparison:


Colour bleed, Wattamolla
So, tell me what you think of these images.


  1. At first I did not like the photos which I thought were just blurred. Now that I can see the before and after photo and read what you wrote, I see them from a different perspective. Your own enjoyment and sense of fun and art comes through and 'playing' becomes 'creative'. I like.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. I'm glad you like it now and, like you said, I do enjoy very much creating these images.